The program is a British compensation fund of last resort for customers of approved firms in the financial services industry. We cmozhem to pay compensation in the case of firms that are either not able or, most likely, due to violations unable to pay the required amount by which to offset customer losses. This usually occurs when the firm ceased to exist or has been declared insolvent or has been fraudulent defstviyami. Driving in the financial services compensation covers the business carried out by companies approved by the Financial Regulation and Supervision (FCA) and the Corporation Investor Protection (SIPC), which are independent monitoring bodies established to regulate the financial services and consumer protection.

With the participation of the corporation to protect the rights of investors (SIPS) recovery processes are always carried out according to certain rules:

The first thing you need - to sue for the selection of the subject, which will carry out the procedure in accordance with the interests and the right to appeal. Such treatment is the financial regulator SIPC. All bills and obligations, subject to the consent of the clients affected by the company are transferred to another broker, the SIPC member. This provides further activity, regardless of the circumstances SIPC pay compensation.

The financial regulator SIPC insures not only the loss, but also protected by law. Regulator SIPC will satisfy the legitimate claims in the amount of 500 thousand dollars when it was proved fraudulent broker. In cases where the broker's statements are in order, the SIPC will perform transfer of the accounts to another company in full.

Claim success broker investors depends on whether there will be able to confirm the validity of claims. Despite the priority of trust relationships, sometimes it's better to rely on the financial market dynamics clear guarantees of the independent expert. Compensation of SIPC for investors - a reliable insurance against cheating and force majeure.

Business Ethics Management in the Financial Sector (FCA) ensures to remove most non-trade and technical risks, to calm financial investor activity. If the violation is still there, customers fully refundable payment.

Tasks and powers of the FCA:

The definition of standards and requirements for investment products;

Defining standards and requirements to the financial statements;

The ban financial products if they do not meet the standards;

Carrying out investigations in relation to individuals or organizations in case of financial disputes;

This control is currently the most reliable of all created by the state, for the control of financial institutions, investment companies and brokers.